Adobe Illustrator Workspace and environment


Setting up the workspace and knowing your development environment is one of the most important things for a beginner. In this blog, we will explore the Adobe Illustrator workspace and environment.

If you don’t know what is adobe illustrator, I recommend you must read my previous blog on Introduction to Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator Interface

when you first launch Adobe illustrator a window will appear which is called the home screen.


Adobe Illustrator Interface
Adobe Illustrator Interface

By default, the Home tab is selected but we can toggle to the learn tab, where we can variety of different tutorials.

Illustrator Learn Tab
Illustrator Learn Tab

These tutorials can help us learn and understand the philosophy, procedure, strategies, and tricks easily.

On the home screen, we have options to either open a file or create a new illustrator file.

Create or Open a new Illustrator File
Create or Open a new Illustrator File

You also can choose from the popular presets to create a new file.

Adobe Illustrator Presets
Adobe Illustrator Presets

At the bottom, we can find the recent window, where we can quickly open our recent files.

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New Document Window in Adobe Illustrator

When we click on the create new button the New Document Window opens.

Adobe Illustrator Workspace and Environment
New Document Window

In this window, you can choose between different presets. These presets can be broadly divided into 5 categories.

  • Mobile
  • Web
  • Print
  • Film and Video
  • Art & Illustration

In each preset, you can find different templates. which you can use to create your illustrator art.

we can also customize and change the preset properties anyway we like.

Adobe Illustrator Workspace and Environment

Application Bar in Adobe Illustrator

When we open the main window of adobe illustrator, the topmost bar is called the Application Bar. this bar contains :

  • Workspace switcher
  • Home
  • Document Arranger
  • Search

Illustrator Menu Bar

This is the topmost bar in Adobe Illustrator, it contains the menu options of adobe illustrator

  • File
  • Edit
  • Object
  • Type
  • Select
  • Effect
  • View
  • Window
  • Help

In windows, the Menu bar and Application bar are merged.

Illustrator Panels

The Panels window is situated on the right side, It helps us to track and change the artwork, there are three tabs in the panels window,

  • Properties
  • Layers
  • Libraries

In the Properties tab, we can change and modify the properties of the currently selected tool.

we can adjust, modify, and choose between the layers, in the Layers tab.

we can export to CC Libraries and import from Adobe Stock to our artboard, in the Libraries tab.

Adobe Illustrator Toolbar

The toolbar is located on the left side of the window. It includes tools to create and edit images, artwork, components, and more

some of the tools in the Adobe Illustrator toolbar are :

  • Selection Tool
  • Direct Selection Tool
  • Pen Tool
  • Curvature Tool
  • Rectangle Tool
  • Paintbrush Tool
  • Type Tool
  • Rotate Tool
  • Erase Tool
  • Shape Builder Tool
  • Gradient Tool
  • Eye Dropper Tool
  • Width Tool
  • Blend Tool
  • Artboard Tool
  • Zoom Tool

Document Window

The document window is in the center, it contains the artboard and files we are working on.

Status Bar in Adobe Illustrator

It is located at the bottom of the document window, it contains information like zooming, navigation controls, etc.

Adobe Illustrator Workspace

We can change Adobe Illustrator Workspace from the workspace switcher.

we can find the workspace switcher on the right side of the Application Bar, the workspace switcher contains different workspaces namely :

  • Automation
  • Essentials
  • Essentials Classic
  • Layout
  • Painting
  • Printing and Proofing
  • Tracing
  • Typography
  • Web
  • Touch

Each workspace has a different type of arrangement of components, for their better accessibility.

By default, Essentials is selected.

Essentials are the most common and widely used workspace.

The other Workspaces are customized in order to a specific type of Illustration.

Stay tuned for more Blogs on Adobe Illustrator.

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