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GTK Entry – User Input

GTK Entry

GTK Entry – User Input Advertisement GTK Entry is a single-line text entry field. Create New Entry The gtk_entry_new() function returns a GtkWidget and creates a new entry field. Set GTK Entry Placeholder This sets the text to be displayed in entry the field when it is empty and unfocused. Note: The gtk_entry_new() returns a GtkWidget, and …

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GTK Box Layout

GTK Box Layout GUI Programming in C

GTK Box Layout Advertisement A GTK box layout widget in acts as an invisible container, it can hold unlimited number of widgets but acts as a single widget to its parents. prerequisite: GTK Introduction GTK Button and Signal Creating a Box Layout gtk_box_new – creates a new box widget in which we can add multiple …

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Introduction to Flutter App Development

Flutter Android App Development

Introduction To Flutter App Development Flutter is a portable mobile SDK/framework for building modern, native, and reactive Android and iOS applications from a single codebase. Flutter, an app development framework is an open-source project maintained by Google, uses a modern object-oriented language, Dart, that compiles to native ARM code and production-ready Javascript code. Why …

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Why Flutter Uses Dart Language?

Why Flutter Uses Dart

Why Flutter Uses Dart Language? Before answering the question “Why Flutter uses Dart as Core Language?” let’s understand briefly about Dart Language first. The Dart Language, developed and maintained by Google, is a modern object-oriented programming language that can be used for creating web, desktop, server-side and mobile apps. The Dart language is present at …

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Customize Linux Ubuntu – Change Theme, Icons, Shell & Dock

Customize Ubuntu Linux

Everybody has a different taste. This also holds true when we are customizing our operating system. In this blog, we will learn how you can easily customize Linux Ubuntu by changing the themes, icons, shell, dock, application menu, and many more. You will also learn how to add custom widgets to Ubuntu distribution. The things …

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