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Java String format()

The Java string format() method returns a formatted string based on the locale, format, and arguments specified. This method can concatenate strings and format the resulting concatenated string. The format() method in Java is similar to the sprintf() function in C and the Printf() function in Golang. String format() Syntax The syntax of the Java …

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Golang Reflection

Golang Reflection Advertisement Reflection in Golang enables us to inspect types at runtime. It is a form of metaprogramming. It also allows you to inspect, edit, and create variables, functions, and structs at runtime. The Go reflect package provides features for inspecting and manipulating objects at runtime. Golang’s Reflection is a very useful tool for …

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Python Enumerate Function: Loop, Tuple, String (Example)

Python Enumerate Function: Loop, Tuple, String (Example) Advertisement The Python library has a built-in method called Enumerate(). It receives a collection of tuples as input and produces an enumerated object. Enumerate() adds a counter to each item of an iterable object and delivers an enumerate object as an output string in Python. Python Enumerate Function …

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Process Scheduling (Process Management) Operating System

Process scheduling is a process manager activity that manages the removal of a running process from the CPU and the selection of another process based on a certain algorithm (Process Management). Schedulers are pieces of system software that handle process scheduling in a variety of ways. Their primary responsibility is to choose which jobs to …

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