How to create repeating patterns in Adobe illustrator


In this blog, we will learn how to create abstract patterns by repeating shapes/patterns in Adobe Illustrator.

Repeating Patterns in Adobe Illustrator

Making abstract vector repeating shapes or making patterns is a very simple process in adobe illustrator. It contains some dedicated options which make it a matter of a few clicks.

Step 1 – Creating a shape in Illustrator

First, we will open our Adobe Illustrator and we can choose between the default presets as we like.

Now we can draw any shape that we want to repeat or the shape that we want to make a pattern with.

Here I am drawing a star shape covering the whole artboard.

making a shape in illustrator
Creating Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Then we can fill color into our shape to make it more interesting.

Here I am using a gradient color but you are free to use any color you like.

filling color in shape adobe illustrator
Filling Color in created Shape

After choosing the desired color, we can proceed toward the main steps.

Step 2 – Creating and Repeating Pattern in Illustrator

We will select our shape and go to Object -> transform -> transform each or we can just use the shortcut given by Adobe Illustrator alt+shift+ctrl+d.

repeating patterns adobe illustrator
Create Repeating Patterns in Adobe Illustrator

After we have selected the transform each option, the transform-each pop-up menu will appear.

Here is the default setting that is Adobe Illustrator gives in the popup menu.

In this menu we can do many things like changing the scale, moving our object, we can rotate our object to a given degree, and many more.

We can click on the Preview checkbox and play around with the setting.

Clicking on the preview will help us see the updates instantly on the screen.

Transforming Shape in Adobe Illustrator
Transforming Shape in Adobe Illustrator

These are the adjustments that I have made.

After we are satisfied with the adjustments, we can click on copy.

repeating patterns in adobe illustrator
Repeating Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

After we click on the copy option we can see that our shape is duplicated, but with the adjustments that we have made.

Now we will repeat the pattern just by doing object -> transform -> transform again and we can also use the shortcut ctrl+d.

Transform again remembers the adjustment we had made last time.

repeating patterns in adobe illustrator
Transform again

We can see that we have made a third replica of our star shape.

Replica in Illustrator
Replica in Illustrator

After this, we can completely go crazy and hit ctrl+d, till we get our pattern.

Duplicating Pattern In Illustrator
Duplicating Pattern In Illustrator

Now we will remove the unwanted part of the shapes from our artboard.

Step 3 – Masking in Illustrator

We can easily remove the unwanted through masking.

In order to do masking. we will select the rectangle tool from the shapes.

Masking in adobe illustrator
Selecting the rectangle tool

And then select the entire artboard.

Do not worry about the color here because we going to make a clipping mask.

Masking in Adobe Illustrator
Masking in Adobe Illustrator

Now select all the shapes along with the artboard with the help of the Direct Selection tool or press V for a shortcut.

And go to the bottom of the Properties panel, and find the make clipping mask option under Quick actions.

Masking pattern in adobe illustrator
Masking pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Now you have completed your pattern, and you can export it with any resolution you wish.

Stay tuned for more awesome Adobe Illustrator Blogs.

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