Digital Circuits and Logic gates

digital circuit and logic gates
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Digital Computers have a big role to play in our everyday lives. It facilitates most of our work and saves us a lot of time. But have you ever wondered what happens in that machine that works so easily with these? Yes, then this is the right place. This blog will introduce you to the basic knowledge about how Digital Circuits and Logic Gates perform in a digital computing system.

Digital Computers

The digital computer is a digital system that executes different computational tasks. Digital computers use the two-digit binary number system,  i.e.  0 and 1 known as binary digits.

This group of bits represents information in digital computers. You can make these bits to represent binary numbers and discrete symbols such as decimal digits, letters, alphabets.

Hardware and software are the two parts of a Computer System. The hardware comprises the system’s physical entity. It is composed of electronic and electromagnetic components. Computer software consists of instructions and data for carrying out different computational tasks.


program is a series of instructions executing a particular task. The data that the software will alter forms the Database.

A computer system consists of its hardware and system software. The system software comprises of programs whose purpose is to make more effective use of the computer system. This software is collectively known as the Operating System.

Computer Hardware

The Computer hardware is generally divided into three parts:

  1. The CPU contains an arithmetic and logic unit for manipulation of data, several storage devices to store them, and control circuits for the proper execution of the instructions.
  2. The RAM or Random Access Memory helps the CPU to access any location at random and retrieve the binary information within a definite amount of time.
  3. The input-output processor (IOP) is responsible for communicating and controlling the transfer of data between the computer and the outside world. The input and output devices such as keyboards, printers, terminals, and other communication devices work with the IOP.
Block Diagram of a Digital Computer

Logic Gates

Binary logic deals with binary variables which have a logical definition that can be translated into algebraic or tabular form. Gates are the logical circuits which are responsible for the manipulation of information.

Depending on the binary variables given, Gates produces results in the form of 0 or 1. The Truth Table can represent the input-output relationship of any gate.

Types of Logic Gates

Stay tuned because more information are on their way on Digital Circuits and Logic Gates.

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