This Blog’s primary focus is to discuss Why should we learn Golang? What are the advantages of learning Golang? and, How is Golang Better than other Programming languages out there?

We will also look at the question of why Golang is called the Future of Server Side Language.

Developers of GoLang

Golang (also referred to as The GO Programming Language), is Designed and Developed by Team Google:

1. Rob Pike

  • Member of UNIX Team
  • Involved in UTF-8
  • Creator of Limbo Programming Language

2. Ken Thompson

  • Creator of UNIX
  • Director Professor of C Language
  • Creator of B Programming Language
  • Creator of UTF-8

3. Robert Griesemer

  • Creator of V8 JavaScript Engine (V8 is a JavaScript engine in Google Chrome)
  • Developer of Hotspot JVM ( Java Virtual Machine)
  • Creator Sawzall Programming Language

Why Golang was Created?

There are many languages in the outside world for example C, C++, C#, Python, Java, and many more, but what was the need of creating a whole new Programming Language.

Most of the existing Programming languages have been developed in the ’90s or later and thus aren’t able to solve some of the high-level tasks like Using Multiple Cores of the Processor.

Back in 2006, The first dual-core processor was released and No existing Programming Language meets the requirement that can work with multiple cores or multiple cores of different machines.

Google understood this problem and a team was given the task of developing a Programming Language that can solve future problems.

In 2007, the GoLang team started working on it, and back in 2009, it was released as an Open-Source Language.

The First Major version of Golang was introduced in 2012 as Golang 1.0.

Why learn Golang?

We can also say, why go for GO? 😄

Golang is the Future

Have a look at what the Creator of Nodejs has to say about this.

I think Node is not the best system to build a massive server web. I would use Go for that. And honestly, that’s the reason why I left Node. It was the realization that : oh, actually, this is not the best server-side system ever.

Ryan Dahl (Creator of Node)

Go will be the server language of the Future.

Tobias lütke (Shopify)

Highest Pay for GO

Stackoverflow said that Golang is the highest-paying Programming Language in 2019.

Growing Community

GO language is used by many Giants like:

  • Uber – Using Go for Microservices
  • Netflix – Using Go for Heavy Data Processing and for Recomendation System.
  • Adobe – For Server Handling
  • Firefox, Apple, Docker and YouTube also uses GO.

General Purpose Language

Go is also a general-purpose language. It can be used for terminal programs, web development, server-side programming, machine learning, and many more.

Introduction to GoLang

Golang is a low-level language, Strongly and Statically Typed.

It has Excellent Comunity Support, Backed by Google.

Key Features of Golang

Let’s Look at the Key Features of Golang.

Golang is SIMPLE

As Programmer we want our code to be neat and well maintained. Writing Code in other languages is not that much clean as compared to Go. This makes Go completely different.

Golang’s code is neat and easy to maintain.

Its Syntax is very easy to understand for beginners.

Fast Compile Time

Golang has fast compile-time and with every update and version release, it is becoming fast.

Thus it becomes a perfect choice for server-side development.

Built-in Concurrency

Concurrency is executing more than one task simultaneously and making progress. In simple words it means dealing with or managing a lot of things at once.

Go has a Goroutine to enable Concurrency.

Note: Concurrency is not parallelism. But Concurrency enables Parallelism.

Garbage Collected Language

Go has it’s own Garbage Collector which is used to allocate and remove the object.

Go Garbage Collector helps us to easily develop low-latency applications.

Features omitted by Golang

Go language can be called a completely different language when compared with what it includes and excludes with respect to the existing Programming Languages.

  • Classes not available – Go works with packages and thus omits class that is a major functionality for OOP’s (Object oriented Programming).
  • No Inheritance – As classes are not there in Go it also don’t support Inheritance. This can be called Good or bad, but it makes easy for us to code.
  • Constructors not available
  • Header Files aren’t available
  • No Template
  • Use of Void is not required
  • Array Map not available
  • No Exceptions

“Hello World” Code in Go

Click on the Download link to go to the official Golang web page and download the language.

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
    fmt.Println("Hello World")

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