Background Subtraction OpenCV Python | MOG2 and KNN

Background Subtraction OpenCV Python | MOG2 and KNN Advertisement Today we are going to look at how you can remove the background from an image or video frame. The method is known as background subtraction in OpenCV Python. Let’s Code it! Background Subtraction OpenCV Python Algorithm Import Packages import cv2 as cv Computer Vision and …

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Motion Detection OpenCV Python

Motion Detection OpenCV Python Advertisement OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is an open-source computer vision and machine learning software library. It is written in C++ and Python and supports Windows, Linux, and macOS. OpenCV enables developers to perform various image and video processing tasks, including object detection, face recognition, and motion detection. Why Motion …

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Image Manipulation OpenCV Python

Image Manipulation OpenCV Python Advertisement OpenCV (tutorial) (Computer Vision) is widely used for Image Manipulation. Image manipulation OpenCV techniques help us to read different data from the image. This blog post will provide you important image manipulation techniques in OpenCV Python. Image Manipulation OpenCV Transformation, affine, and non–affine Translations Rotations Scaling, re-sizing, and Interpolations Image …

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Lane Detection OpenCV Python

Lane Detection OpenCV Python Advertisement Self Driving Car is one of AI’s most innovative technologies. Self Driving Cars use lane detection OpenCV features to detect lanes of the roads and they are trained not to drive outside of the lane. This lane detection can also be implemented in OpenCV python.  Let’s Code it. Lane Detection OpenCV Algorithm Capturing and decoding video file frame by …

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