Top 3 Features in adobe illustrator


In this blog, we will discuss the Top 3 Features that were added to Adobe illustrator in the 2020 release.

Adobe illustration, a graphic designing tool has been recently updated. Let’s know about the top 3 features in Adobe illustrator.

If you are new to adobe read my blog Introduction to illustration – Adobe Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator (2020 release) has modern and creative tools that will help you to more effectively create artwork for print, web, and streaming media printing.

Improved way to simplify tracks

If you are having complicated paths in your artwork and want to edit them more quickly, you can use the Simplify option to lower the anchor points.

First, select a path then go to Select-Object > Path > Simplify.

If you want to view more options in the Simplify dialogue box, you can press the ellipses (…)

Top 3 Adobe illustrator 2020 Simplify Feature
Simplify Feature
simplify feature
Simplify Options

Auto Spell Check

in Adobe Illustrator now you can check your spelling errors automatically.

when you enable the Auto Spell check feature the spelling errors will be automatically sensed and highlighted as you write in the document.

There are two ways to enable Auto Spell Feature :

  • Choose Edit > Spelling > Auto Spell Check.
  • Right-click text and choose Spelling > Auto Spell Check.
auto spell check feature
Auto Spell Check

Other Enhancement Features in new Adobe Illustrator

  1. Enhanced File Handling on remote networks: Improved output when opening files and transferring file operations to remote networks
  2. Reduction in file open issues: Improved process to prevent and troubleshoot problems linked to record manipulation. In the event that auto-recovery is not feasible, Illustrator now presents a successful warning explicitly showing the file error(s) and troubleshooting measures you can take.
  3. Stability and other enhancements: This release brings enhanced application performance, enhanced reliability, cleaner workflows, and user interface.
  4. Faster & quicker effects: Now it’s much easier and quicker to add blur, falling shadow, and inner/outer glow effects.
  5. Recoloring option: Now the features of Recolor Artwork allow freeform gradients.
  6. Export in Background: In Illustrator 2020, the key part of the exporting process will run in the background when you select File > Export For Displays, and you can restart the job on other activities. When the export is complete you will be told.
  7. Save in Background: The saving operation is now running in the background in Illustrator 2020, and you will continue to operate even while the saving operation is underway.

Hope you like it!

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