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How to Use Arduino IDE?

arduino ide

How to Use Arduino IDE? Advertisement In this blog, We are going to learn the basics of Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The Arduino Integrated Development Environment is the primary text editing software used to program Arduino. The Integrated Development Environment effectively converts your logic and compiles them into code that Arduino can understand.  If your Arduino code has been compiled it is then added to the memory of the board. The requirement for Arduino IDE Arduino Uno USB B Cable Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, …

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Fading led using Arduino Uno

Fade LED aruino uno

Fading led using Arduino Uno Advertisement In this blog, we are going to make fading of the LED Using Arduino Uno. Let’s puts some LED and Resistor to work. In this project, we will use the Red LED and one resistor to make our project perfect.   Differing LED brightness with modulation of pulse-width Instead of turning LEDs turn on and off using digitalWrite, we can determine the brightness level of the LED by adjusting pulse width modulation to the time between each LED turning on and off. Before going to our …

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What is an Arduino UNO? – Beginner’s Guide

Arduino UNO

What is an Arduino UNO? Advertisement Parts of Arduino UNO: Digital Pins USB Connector Reset Button Crystal Oscillator Power Port Analog Pins Microcontroller TX & RX LEDs Arduino UNO Description Arduinos contain various parts and interfaces together on a solitary circuit board. DIGITAL PINS The Arduino UNO board has 14 digital input/output pins. These pins can be programmed to act as digital input pins for reading logic values (0 or 1), These pins get the input/output from the LEDs, relay, and …

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